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When A White Actor Goes To “The Mountaintop”

People are dumbfounded. People are incredulous. People are angry. In the past few hours, a month-old story began circulating on social media about a production of Katori Hall’s widely produced The Mountaintop, specifically a story from the Akron Beacon-Journal about a production of the play at Kent State University in late September and early October. What has everyone so […]

Ghostly Echoes In LA Theatre Dispute Need Hard And Fast Answers

“This is a community art, built only on the goodwill between artists, and there isn’t enough money to bring in lawyers.” If you ask me, that quote in The Los Angeles Times, from playwright Tommy Smith, is a rather contradictory one. Referring to the playwright’s current dispute with the Echo Theatre Company in Los Angeles, it suggests magnanimity, but […]

Harassment at a Campus Play About Sexual Violence

Members of the Greensboro College community have the right to be free from gender-based discrimination, sexual harassment, and sexual misconduct of any kind.  – from the Greensboro College Sexual Misconduct Policy To start the new school year, Greensboro College in North Carolina required all of its first-year students to attend a performance of It Stops Here, a play […]

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